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How to Travel With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing prescription glasses, and that’s especially true when traveling. Nothing beats the convenience of contacts, especially while doing activities where wearing glasses would be impractical or uncomfortable.  While some people opt for daily disposable lenses while traveling, many others continue to wear the standard contacts they wear day […]

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Protect Your Eyes With These Contact Lens Safety Tips

Contact lenses have an excellent safety record – as long as the wearer carefully follows their eye doctor’s instructions. October is Contact Lens Safety Month, so there’s no better time to brush up on safety tips to keep your eyes and vision healthy while wearing contact lenses!  If you have further questions, need to update your prescriptions, […]

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Are You Suddenly Seeing Dark Spots? Here’s What You Should Do

No, that isn’t a swarm of tiny insects following you around. Those black spots, squiggly lines and drifting cobweb shapes in your visual field are called floaters. Some patients are concerned about these moving specks, but they’re usually harmless. Still, a big increase in the number of floaters could indicate a more serious problem. Contact […]

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